Skinimalism, Watercolour and More – 5 Makeup Trends You’ll Love in 2021

Skinimalism, Watercolour and More – 5 Makeup Trends You’ll Love in 2021

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A boon and a bane at the same time, staying home for almost a year gave us ample time to learn, to experiment and to introspect. Though most of you would have opened doors to channel your inner chefs and gardeners, the believers of the ‘look good and feel good’ philosophy would have unapologetically tried and tested innumerous make-up hacks and all-things fashion!

As we optimistically embrace the new year, it’s a tradition for most to get rid of the old and switch to the new as the year progresses. We are certain by now you would have worked your way up decoding the fashion trends, but have you checked out the makeup trends for the year?

Killing the notion that “make-up is harmful”, the make-up trends this year encapsulate all things natural, conscious, sustainable and most importantly sync in with who you are. Brought in by the most creative make- up artists like Puneet B Saini, Bobby Brown, Pat McGrath, Laura Mercier, Sir John, Charlie Green, Anu Kaushik to name a few, the make-up trends for 2021 resonate the time we are in – the messy morning look, the last minute- zoom call look, the laid-back day off look, the mesmerizing eye look for all the quick outings with the mask on and so on and so forth.

So, whether you are wishing to lazy around your house wearing make-up or you are looking forward to put together a look for an at-home party or a wedding, be sure to bring in the freshness of spring and summer into your make-up routine with this year’s drooling make-up trends!

  • Stained Lips

Reminiscing one’s memory of having the lip stained while eating an ice cream candy, the oh-so-famous lip stains are something that might even last through an apocalypse. WGSN in its report says that people will look out for formulations that will stay for a longer time, are easy and quick to apply and also keeps the lips hydrated. Having said that, we feel that the lip stains may become your constant companion when you transit from zoom calls to an insta live party as they will leave you looking as fresh as a daisy!

Ciceroni Recommends: Lip and Cheek Tint by Daughter Earth as its enriched with organic certified red algae derived super antioxidant – astaxanthin, and wild-harvested sea berries. This nutri-dense lip and cheek colour brings with the goodness of nature, the rooted essence of Ayurveda and green biochemistry.

  • Orange- Red Lipstick

It looks like orange is the new red! A popular trend during the 1940’s and worn by the then famous actress Maureen O’ Hara, these bright and loud orange shades were big in the rouge department. From the runway to the red carpet, everyone is nailing their orange lipstick makeup looks. When choosing an orange lipstick, you can play it safe with a nude or work a brighter shade. And if you think it suits only one particular skin tone, well, you’re wrong! Orange lipstick surprisingly goes well with any skin-shade.

Ciceroni Recommends: L’Absolu Rouge Drama Matte Lipstick 196 Orange Sanguine. Made with the new light powder technology, the lipstick is sure to give you a bold powdery, ultra-matte finish with a soft-focus effect and it is enriched with jojoba oil and Proxylane, which supports the skin’s matrix and keeps the lips hydrated.

  • Water Colour-blocking

From Pantone’s colour of the year to the bright and bold hues of spring/summer, colours can not only paint your look but your emotions too! This popular trend combines the vibrant hues and patterns of color-blocking with the dreamy, blended texture of water colours. Colour blocking is the perfect way to bring runway flare to you everyday makeup looks. To wear this style, we say you stick to dual shades, clashing or matching and blend the colours to achieve a professionally finished look.

Ciceroni Recommends: Makeup Revolution Bbb Fortune Favours -The Brave 30 Eyeshadow. From the lightest of brightening base colours to the darkest, most daring shades of navy, black and green and everything in between, the colour palette is versatile.

  • Bright Mascara

A pop of colour is all you need to turn your dull makeup look into a dramatic one! We understand if you are a little skeptical to flaunt this trend, but believe us, from your brunch to evening parties, this bright mascara trend will make you stand out even with the most boring outfit. Coloured mascara not only adds a bit of playfulness to your look but also makes your eyes look brighter and more awake. Go ahead and play with all the colours imaginable. From shades of blue to purple and neons, they are all acceptable.

Ciceroni Recommends: We love the Lengthening Mascara – Beyond Blue by Benefit Cosmetics as it can add drama, fun and magic to your eyes with a swish. Popular in the 90’s this playful trend will keep your make-up routine bold and fresh.

  • Skinimalism

Give a shout-out to the no-makeup makeup look this year. Created by Pinterest, the “skinimalism” look is all about embracing your natural skin with super-minimal makeup or no makeup. The multiple layers of foundation, highlighter and powder are gone and dusted as people are now looking for a natural and healthy skin preferring to take care of their skin instead of hiding the imperfections. Do try your hands on this one for, we have come to realize that natural foundation makes up for a more sculpted and chiseled look.

Ciceroni Recommends: Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Hydra Foundation by Smash Box as this high-performing liquid foundation evens skin tone, is oil free and never settles into pores and lines.

Now that you have the list, its time to go all natural and crazy this season! Let these makeup trends pave your road to effortless beauty!

Aishwarya Menon

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