Mask Chain – The Cure for Pandemic Mask Paranoia

Mask Chain – The Cure for Pandemic Mask Paranoia

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Born out of necessity during the pandemic, the masks began appearing almost immediately after the infection was identified in various parts of the world creating a new, unsure segment for the apparel and accessory industry. Be it the invention of sunglasses to protect our eyes from UV rays or the making of the boiler suit, fashion has always fairly managed to turn a utility staple into a fashion statement. So, it is no longer a matter of surprise that the protective face covering essentials we have been advised to don to curb the spread of Covid-19 has quickly been embraced and beautified by fashion brands around the world.

Almost a year later, as far as we know and the fashion and medical experts predict, face masks aren’t going anywhere. It’s a struggle to constantly remove your mask and wear it again – all for a sip of water, a trip to the grocery store, a quick morning jog in the park or as simple as breath of fresh air. Most of us find ourselves in a fix about what we must do with it? You can’t really place it anywhere for, it’s an important question, whether the surface is clean or not, whether it was cleaned before or not…. and so on. You obviously can’t have it dumped in your bag, because you’ll never know if it’s going to contaminate everything else. And, of course, you can’t let anyone else hold it, not even for half a second. The pandemic paranoia never ends does it? Our life with mask is reminiscent to Heineken’s latest beer advertisement.

But as always, we have the fashion industry to thank, to get us out of the mask woes! Much like the retro spectacle chains, Instagrammers are now having a frenzy with the all-new mask chain. Old world in its functionality, yet new in its design and material, the mask chains were among the top trendy accessories globally this summer. From influencers to jewellery designers and fashion brands, everyone is looking for creative ways to make wearing a mask work by adding chains, embellishments, strings and even personal touches to their own fabric masks. These mask chains and lanyards are meant to be more than just a decorative statement. They hold a great deal of utility as they make the oh-so-annoying masks comfortable and appealing to wear.

Face mask chains clip onto your ear loops, swing effortlessly below your chin and lies gracefully on your chest like an oversized necklace. Apart from being just another fashionable piece of jewellery, they help keep your mask on at all times, giving a solution to your ear dangle and chin strap situation you may resort to when temporarily pulling your mask off.

Whether you are scouting for a simple accessory to focus on utility or are wanting to jazz up your social distancing look, this trend comes along with eccentric options to try! Take notes as we reveal 5 fashion and lifestyle labels that can make shopping for these mask chains quick!

  • Optical Chains by Outhouse

Adorned with the elements that define elegance and style, the optical chains by Outhouse can be worn with your mask without a doubt. Handcrafted in a brilliant 22K finish, this traditional accessory has been reborn with baroque pearls and stones and a contemporary style that exudes luxe vibes. It will become the most versatile accessory in your wardrobe.

  • Gem Stone Mask Chains by Enchainting by Avi

The luxury accessory label Enchainting by Avi handcrafts chains made with gems and stones like light peridot, agate, moonstone, citrine and more. These gem stone studded mask chains are multifunctional and can be used as a mask accessory, a sunglass chain or a necklace; it’s you who chooses how this best serves you. Created to bring a little more meaning to our New Normal, the accessories add the little magic of the earth, the elements, people and culture.

  • Pop Convertible Mask Chains by House of Turquoise

Originally a footwear label, House of Turquoise, today houses convertible mask chains. Dipped in the bright and eye-catching shades of spring/summer, these convertible mask chains are available for women and children alike. Brought in to prevent your masks from getting lost and keeping them safe while not in use, these masks are sure to add in the season’s colours to your wardrobe without missing a beat.

  • Pearl-Metal Mask Chains by Prerto

Known in the jewellery world for handcrafting products that are 24K gold or rose gold plated or rhodium plated made with original Swarovski elements, high quality pearls, precious carved beads, semi-precious stones and intricately hand painted with enamel, Prerto has introduced a collection of stylish and functional face mask chains. Made for everyday use and effortlessly keeps your mask fit the way you like it, this chain prevents having to put your mask in your pocket or on contaminated surfaces, thus lowering the risk.

  • Modern Leather Mask Chains by Tann-ed

Tann-ed design studio offers premium, high quality leather goods that are modern, classic and sophisticated. With collections conceptualized around functionality, style and comfort, their latest collection of leather mask chains are a seamless blend of class and contemporary design. From dusty rose to glacier white, if edgy and bold matches your style quotient, these mask chains have to be a sure shot addition to your accessory closet.

Choose from beads, pearls, crystals, leather and more – Be sure that these ‘safety’ accessories bring the old and the modern world of fashion in one single line, getting you right on track in the global fashion scenario.

What are you picking this season?

Aishwarya Menon

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