COTTAGECORE – The Road to Nostalgia and Pastoral Fantasy

COTTAGECORE – The Road to Nostalgia and Pastoral Fantasy

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“Ah! There is nothing like staying at home, for real comfort.”

― Jane Austen

Going away from the everyday bustle, living amidst nature, trying to count every breath and indulging in the nostalgic countryside moments from Jane Austen’s novels…. does the mere idea of escaping into the woods excite you?

Well, we wouldn’t be surprised if it did.

Our homes should be our personal sanctuaries — and the last one year, made it so evident. From turning our bedrooms into workspaces and transforming the empty balcony space into an aesthetically done sit out to creating a space for home gyms, most of us finally did check out major renovations off our bucket lists. At the heart of these transformations is the notion that our home should be a safe, cosy and inviting space that takes one away from the everyday chaos of the outside world.

For those of you who are passing their days merely fantasizing about a quick getaway to a cosy country cottage, Ciceroni brings you a movement that celebrates pastoral fantasy. An aesthetic décor trend that for years resonated with the rustic roots of the country side and now has graciously found its way into urban dwellings.

It all began weeks after the world slumped into an unprecedented lockdown. The Instagram feeds featured all things unusual and curious – Images of beautiful country cottages well-decorated with foliage and dainty flowers, foraged mushrooms, Victorian tea pot sets on rustic tables, baskets of wild flowers in garden and elegant dresses with smocking and embroidery…


Born out of a desire to return to a slower way of life, the Cottagecore also known as Farmcore or Countrycore as a trend embraces a simpler, sustainable existence that is more harmonious with nature and is fused with delicate décor and a relatively high dose of nostalgia. Think of soft-muted hues, vintage prints, rustic furniture pieces, feminine fabrics and botanical motifs. The phenomenon idealises agricultural life in order to calm the hustled nerves and is based on the romanticism of a simple country life like those seen in children’s books. Not to forget, that this fairy tale aesthetic also brought with it a strong message – a solution to environmental problems by giving a shout-out to minimalism and sustainability.

Chances are you are already a cottagecore fan if you have spent hours swooning over the picture-perfect photographs of the traditional cottages on Instagram. Remember Kate Winslet’s home in ‘The Holiday’?

Irrespective of whether you have your Pinterest board flooded with cottagecore aesthetics or you are too cynical about a maximalist décor, there are ample creative ways to bring in the vibe and feel of cottagecore into your home. Here’s us recommending our favourite five.

  • Bring in nature to your home

Cottagecore is all about celebrating nature and the beautiful outdoor ambience. Recognized for its love of wild flora and fauna that stereotypically wraps cottages in the country side, cottagecore aesthetics are incomplete without the elements of nature! You can bring in indoor plants, dried herbs and flowers to add colour to your living space. You would also want to try your hands on the Kokedama ferns as they require no watering or maintenance and can be added to any spot you like, even the rooms without natural sunlight.

  • Give a nod to rustic furniture

Turn your home into a calming escape with the comfortable accent pieces inspired by the rustic elements of the cottagecore movement. One of the key concepts of Cottagecore is to feel nostalgic. Hence, it’s always a good idea to add vintage décor to your home. They could be in the form of antique kitchenware, your grandfathers rocking arm chair, the old plates, sculptures and anything and everything that is close to your heart and reminds you of the bygone era. This trend is all about embracing a simple and sustainable life. So, try to think of wooden stools, benches and book shelves that are bucolic and old.

  • Furnish with Gingham Checks and Stripes

One sure shot way to ensure your home ticks off the cottagecore charm is by bringing in vintage-style fabrics and upholstery that are mixed with few old-world detailing like the ruffles. Dating back to prairie days, gingham and chequered fabrics are considered stalwarts for the look. The chequered pattern epitomizes elegance and sophistication that sums up the spirit of the country. A gingham tablecloth will guarantee to give a farmhouse kitchen that quaint, nostalgic style. Or, for the perfect Instagram moment, try mixing the ginghams into your modern settings by adding it to the statement furniture or spreading it on floors or the walls.

  • Invest in a vintage China tea sets

Have you always admired the idea of hosting a tea party? Like the ones in Little Women, Bridgerton and Alice in Wonderland? Well, if yes, it’s the right time to have one. Add a touch of natural elegance to your spring table with the story book inspired vintage China tea sets. A vintage tea cup in itself is a piece of art by itself. Seen in beautiful patterns and floral prints, the vintage China sets will make sure you have a perfect countryside tea party. If you feel they are too good to pour tea into, use them to enhance your kitchen wall, or make them a home for your small succulents.

  • Dainty florals and Paisleys

Vintage design is enjoying a resurgence. Runways and interiors were sprouting with yester year’s delicate blossoms. Adding florals into your home is a great way to nail the cottagecore design trend. Whether on wallpapers, or introduced on cushions and soft textiles, nothing says romantic cottage core style like floral prints. Bring in the psychedelic trend from the 70’s by adding bold florals to your furnishings and adding dried flowers to your home’s favourite corners. Complement the vintage ambience with the soothing cottagecore playlist by Jenny Wennberg.

The ethos of Cottagecore is whimsical and nostalgic but with quirky and eco-friendly elements that reflect our need for beauty, sustainability and security. If cottagecore was a movie or a fairy tale story, it would the Little Women, Goldilocks and the 3 Bear, The Secret Garden or Sense and Sensibility.

Aishwarya Menon

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