Ciceroni Loves – 5 Artisanal Soap Brands in India

Ciceroni Loves – 5 Artisanal Soap Brands in India

Remember the times when bathing rituals were considered incomplete without soap bars? We have indeed come a long way from all of that with shower gels and body scrubs. Haven’t we? Hammered by commercials, our lives have always been constantly steered by brands and trends that shape the consumerist culture. In past few decades, humble soap bars were replaced by the millennial shower gels, oils and creams. As we continue to live in a time that focuses on everything ‘natural and organic’, it would be wrong to not add a fair share of natural ingredients to the self-curated beauty routines. Underrated and forgotten, soap bars are back in vogue with organic skincare brands in India fusing the goodness of nature to these handmade bars.

Enriched with the essence of farm fresh herbs and flowers, essential oils and nutritional fruits, these soap bars are handmade with carefully chosen ingredients that are natural, safe, and caring for the skin.

If the constant juggle between work and home has got you overwhelmed, it’s time to add sumptuous amount of spa-elements to your everyday life with Ciceroni’s curated list of 5 organic artisanal brands from India that offer luxurious bathing bars that are not only good for the skin but for the planet too.


Indulge in a Kashmiri shower experience! The handcrafted soaps by Kaisori are consciously made with the ingredients that come from the valley of Kashmir. Depicting the beauty and grace of a woman, these luxe bathing bars come in the mesmerizing fragrances of Rose Geranium, Lavender Basil, Lemongrass and Mint, Saffron Almond Milk and Rosemary Lavender and Orange. They are packed in an elegant plastic free package that features an original piece of art commissioned to local miniature painting artist inspired by Chitrashala in the Bundi fort. Each soap bar from Kaisori’s range is sure to keep your skin nourished and glowing after every use!

Ciceroni Loves: Kaisori Lavender Basil handmade soap from Kashmir – Set in moulds of ancient tradition by local artisans, this handmade soap bar from Kashmir is a blend of freshly picked basil, pure lavender oil from the valleys of Kashmir and locally sourced natural extracts and oil bases.


Fond of art? A natural handmade soap company, Moon and Mud handcrafts artistic soap bars with natural ingredients, essential oils and natural colorants drawing inspiration from Indian culture and traditions. To keep your skin hydrated and plump, the soap is infused with generous amount of glycerine. From exfoliating walnut shells and natural indigo to essential oils of geranium, rose, cinnamon and peppermint, each soap offers specific benefits with a unique fragrance.

Ciceroni Loves: Farmbreeze – Coloured with earthen clays, infused with apple and oak fragrance with exfoliating coffee grounds and walnut shells, this handmade soap brings out the essence of Natural clay that is used to pull out oil, impurities and dead skin, leaving skin balanced and clean.


Olive oil is good for the skin and gut both! Handmade with extra virgin olive oil that comes from the cultivation in the Mediterranean region, Chennai Soap Company is known for its cold-pressed bathing bars that are infused with botanical extracts and pure essential oils. Enriched with essential oils with a specific purpose to heal, uplift and rejuvenate, you can choose from Kashmir Lavender, Absolute Rose, Moringa, Sandalwood, Lavender, chamomile, Tea Tree, Peppermint, Almond Vanilla and Sweet Orange Cinnamon to elevate your daily bathing routine.

Ciceroni Loves: Madurai Jasmine Soap – Jasmine has a distinct aroma that is very soothing to the mind. It also has health benefits that can be attributed to its properties as an anti-depressant, sedative and anti-septic. Jasmine oil treats dry skin, eczema and dermatitis. Pure almond oil, olive oil, coconut oil, together with shea butter leave the skin moisturized.


Founded by sustainable proponents- Jennifer Parras and Mrinalini Deshprabhu, The Nature Masons creates lifestyle essentials that are all-natural, organic, zero waste, paraben-free, and reef safe. Offering an interesting range of artisanal soaps that consist of farm fresh ingredients and beauty oils, they are sure to keep your skin softer and revitalised with antioxidants. Available in flavours like Choco cookie, Orange and Black Forest, these artisanal soaps sound scrumptious!

Ciceroni Loves: Sundance Artisanal Cold Processed Soap – Inspired by the gorgeous sunsets in Goa and around the world, the ‘Sundance’ artisanal soap will warm up your bath space and moisturize your skin with locally sourced oils and butters. They are created with mild blend of essential oils like Tea Tree, Lime and Mandarin.


Do you swear by the famed Nani ke Nuskhe? Handmade with herbs, flowers, spices, fruit, vegetable pulp and pure essential oils, the soap bars by The Good Bar are natural and have no added chemical or preservatives. From acne-treating properties of lemon and turmeric to the cooling cucumbers and charcoal with anti-bacterial elements, the soap bars are infused with the kitchen secrets that will keep your skin nourished and glowing all day.

Ciceroni Loves: Coconut soap bar – Labelled as a superfood, coconuts contain nourishing fatty acids that help keep the skin soft and smooth. It also helps prevent premature ageing and wrinkling of the skin and increases skin elasticity. The soap is also suffused with Glycerine and Vitamin E that keeps the skin hydrated, relieves dryness, refresh the skin’s surface and is effective in reducing the UV damage in skin.

Well, it’s time to go green! Bring in nature’s elements to your skincare routine with the handmade luxe soap bars by these homegrown lifestyle brands.

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