7 Accessory Trends You Must ‘Not’ Miss in 2021

7 Accessory Trends You Must ‘Not’ Miss in 2021

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Opportunity in adversity, that’s what many businesses dealt with in 2020. We can’t deny but agree that the pandemic did set new fashion standards by giving creativity and innovation a way, when one could think of none! Most of us couldn’t thank the pandemic enough for giving us an opportunity to laze around all day in our favourite PJ’s! Not to mention, it also made dressing up for zoom calls and work from home fashion an actual trend! Numerous brands have hopped on the lounge wear bandwagon addressing the need of the hour.

It’s surprising how trends evolve isn’t it? Necessity is indeed the mother of invention!

While clothing takes the centre stage every season, every year, accessories have always been side-lined because of their very nature. But if you have been keenly observing the fashion weeks, you would by now have a clue of the ones that are hard to miss! Oh yes, we are speaking of the pearls, the scrunchies, the masks and MORE!

From being functional and feisty to being unique and vintage, there’s something very magnetic about the accessories that make us ‘want’ them, even when we may not ‘need’ them all the time! If you are scouting for the “Accessories of the Year” here’s us listing our 7 favourites!

The Newbie Must Have – The Mask

Having ventured into the necessity accessory genre in 2020, it looks the masks aren’t going anywhere, at least for a while! And, heading out without it isn’t really an option, so suck it up! From designers going all experimental designs and adding add-ons like bows, chains and semi-precious stones, you might have loads to choose from to sync in with your ensemble and occasion.

Graceful Organza Scrunchies

Nostalgic hair accessories are having a moment! This humble hair accessory was once mocked by one of TV’s biggest style icons – Sarah Jessica Parker (who could forget Carrie Bradshaw gasping at the mere idea of a powerful New York woman being caught wearing scrunchie?!) From dresses to denims and sarees, it’s time to do time as a Capsicle with these retro organza scrunchies.

Maximalist Hair Clips

Remember how we all hoarded the colourful tic tac pins and bobby pins when we were school girls? If you are looking for something statement-making to keep your hair out of your face, its hair clips! Be it bangs or layers, a quick sprint or a party, the 90’s tic-tac clips or the shiny clip stacks, go ahead and flaunt this trend all year like the teenage you! Do not miss out the ones with monograms! We love them!

Colourful Layered Jewellery

Trying to pick your favourite necklace from your favourites? Why not wear them all? Overlaying pieces of jewellery on your neck and wrist is an art. Embrace it. You can opt for dainty and delicate combinations or mix contrasting, colourful designs for an edgy look. Accessorize it with your favourite beach dress or your turtle necks without a blink! Try putting together infinite combinations to make the most out of your dreaded zoom meetings!

Dainty Classic Pearls

When it comes to jewellery, pearl evidently makes its mark. From your grandmother’s jewellery box to the runways at fashion weeks, from being braided into the hair to worn as ear cuffs, it looks like the classic pearls are here to stay! Having a retro party? Pay homage to the 60’s fashion trends, by going pearly.

Nomadic Straw Bags

While we know you would be re-stocking your spring|summer closet with this year’s biggest trends, but have you got the it-bag trend right? Stealing the show at the Spring/Summer 2021 fashion weeks, these nomadic straw bags are reminiscent of beach holiday and picnics. Since going “natural” has become the new trend, we ask “how are you flaunting it this year? Besides your make-up!

Upcycled Hydration Essential

Are you a sustainability warrior? Do you use a bamboo brush and love pre-loved? Well, then we are certain you would love how famed designers like Alyx and Fendi among others popularized the idea of “haute water bottle trend”. Made with upcycled fabrics and leftovers, these water bottle holders scream luxury while supporting the need for both sustainable lifestyle and hydration!

From hand spun natural bags that back the sustainability drive and upcycled haute water bags that brings “wellness” to limelight to quirky hair clips and not-too-serious scrunchies, our list has it all!

Aishwarya Menon

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