5 Unconventional Jewellery Pieces to Shop This Party Season

5 Unconventional Jewellery Pieces to Shop This Party Season

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“Jewellery is like the perfect spice – it always compliments what’s already there.”

– Diane Von Furstenberg

Luxurious diamonds, vintage pearls and regal gold have been ruling the world of jewellery for ages. But with new and unconventional designers pushing the envelope of jewellery making by working with unusual materials like metals, coins, ceramic, wood, porcelain etc, the language of contemporary jewellery designing has certainly been redefined. Possessing an ability to transform even the most basic outfit, jewellery indeed is like a perfect spice that always complements what’s already there. Don’t you agree?

From being a women’s best friend to being a saviour, jewellery, as a fashion staple is too hard to let go!

With Christmas and New Year’s Eve just days away, there’s always been an indefinite debate around party dressing. For many, it could be just the right opportunity to adorn their favourite pieces of jewellery like a diva while the others choose to stay home and get cosy (may be with friends, Netflix and popcorns!). Whatever your reason is, the thought of having the right jewellery (even if its to brighten up your sleep wear!) can be fretting!

Take notes as we reveal our curated list of jewellery must haves for 2020’s ultimate party season! Statement-making, scene-stealing and conversation starter, this list is for every jewellery connoisseur who is scouting for an excuse to curate her very own jewellery box!

Raw Corozo Button Danglers by Vie

Born into a family of “Button Makers”, the Founder and Designer of VIE – Vibitha Ida Edward and partner Vijaytha Edward grew up breathing, styling and constantly learning about the subtle art of button making.

Picked from the label’s Raw Collection, we love the Raw Corozo Button Danglers, for, this elegant shoulder duster dangler in gold plated brass is handmade with upcycled corozo nut buttons and can blend in with any contemporary fashion staples.

Style Cue: Flaunt this earring with a high-neck cashmere top, a sassy leather skirt and your favourite boots!

Agate Stone Necklace by Chicory Chai

If you have been hoarding antique jewellery pieces for a while, you wouldn’t want to miss this. Founded by designer Himani Grover, Chicory Chai symbolizes the ‘raw’ and ‘rustic’, the inevitable essence of the unpretentious rural living. Her designs talk of effortless laidback luxury for the tamed urban souls awaiting emancipation.

Selected from the label’s popular “Yellow Umbrella” collection, the Agate stone necklace is handcrafted in brass with raw Agate stone and holds the magic of acrylic colours. Detailed with motifs inspired from the Garden of Eden, this neckpiece looks timeless in its look and feel!

Style Cue: Adorn this little piece of heaven with your classic LBD and stilettos to add a hint of colour to your monochromatic New Year’s Eve outfit.

Alcantara Necklace by Baby Baniya

Is your jewellery treasure trove brimming with precious collectibles? Founder/ Designer Meha Gupta designs mixed media jewellery under the brand name Baby Baniya. Inspired by her travel, the label narrates tales of the miniature paintings from Rajasthan, hand-painted leather puppets from Andhra Pradesh and brass pieces from the Dhokra tribe.

Whimsical and off-beat, we love the Alcantara necklace, which is handmade with resin, glass beads, fabric and a digitally printed mini frame. Seamlessly blended with everyday objects like electrical wires and cycle parts, the jewellery pieces do speak volumes about Indian culture.

Style Cue: Pair this bohemian neck piece with the retro noodle strapped maxi dress as you grab a quick Christmas lunch with your girlies.

Charcoal Vertical Stackable Ring by Eurumme

Fancy a ring? A staunch believer in “Imperfect is Beautiful”, Eishita’s jewellery label – Eurumme reflects a raw aesthetic, leading no two pieces to be exactly the same. The label brings in semi-precious stones and metals together with plating and electroplating to produce a piece of imperfectly perfect jewellery, that emanates beauty and finesse.

Carefully scouted from the label’s Metanoia collection, the charcoal vertical stackable ring is symbolic of taking a discarded piece of cardboard, and infusing purpose into it, by creating a piece of jewellery that is wearable but also made from what would otherwise have been waste.

Style Cue: If you are going for a minimalistic linen or Chanderi saree for your close- knit holiday dinner party, we recommend you to go bold and edgy with this statement-making ring!

Absynthe Brooch by Baro Market

Can’t get over your love for brooches? Not only are they a perfect gifting option, they also add a certain level of charm and class when adorned with even the most boring outfit. Founded by Srila Chatterjee, Baro Market brings together artists, craftsmen and designers from all over India who work together to create beautiful things that are relevant and exciting for today’s living.

Handcrafted from vintage watch parts, we loved the Absynthe Brooch for its intricacy, unconventional design and quirk. This 1920’s accessory can be a perfect addition to your workwear or party wear!

Style Cue: Sport this vintage accessory like a pro by teaming it up with a classic white shirt to go all minimal or suit it up with your favourite pant suit as drink up cocktails welcoming the coming year!

From intimate Christmas special family get-togethers to a sneaky New Year’s Eve party, this list holds an excuse to embrace unconventional jewellery essentials that speak of impeccable design and craftsmanship.

Aishwarya Menon

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