5 Fresh Labels That Make Jackets The ‘IT’ Accessory

5 Fresh Labels That Make Jackets The ‘IT’ Accessory

From running to it for comfort to cover a wardrobe malfunction or picking it up to elevate your style game or to warm yourself up during chilled winters, jackets have always come to our rescue! We are sure you can’t deny but agree that jackets have been the ‘IT’ accessory in the fashion world.

Taking a quick detour to the history of this statement piece, the word jacket has originated from the French word ‘jaquette’ that refers to a small or lightweight tunic. The jacket is a short coat, which is worn over shirts or dresses as outerwear, and is usually a mid-stomach–length garment for the upper body. Jackets are said to have originated during the middle ages or early Renaissance as the jerkin, which used to be a more fitted version of the short tunic worn by working-class men.

Right from the single-breasted lounge jackets from the late 1930s and the bombers and blazers of early 2000’s to the capes and shackets today, this age-old staple has transcended in its size, silhouette and design aesthetics to keep up with the millennial fashion trends.

Being a ‘wardrobe essential’ as rightly quoted by Tan France, the British-Pakistani-American fashion designer in his Masterclass, the jacket is an innate component of one’s capsule wardrobe. So, while you find yourself in a fix hunting the right jacket that meets your style quotient, Ciceroni reveals 5 fresh labels that make jackets the ‘IT’ Accessory!

Launched in 2015 and founded by Ishanee Mukherjee, Poochki is an au courant apparel in New Delhi that houses a design studio with a keen interest in reviving Indian handcrafts— specifically, hand-block printing. The homegrown brand derives its inspiration from fauna, and most of their ensembles like jackets, dresses, tops and trousers feature hand-drawn illustrations by hotelier Anirudh. The illustrations are then carved into wooden blocks by skilled artisans in Pilkhuwa, Uttar Pradesh, and then hand-printed onto carefully chosen textiles.

Ciceroni loves: The Panda lapel long button-down jacket is our favourite as it is crafted in silk organza and is detailed with metal button loop closure and deconstructed silk detail.

Style Tip: Go bold and edgy by styling it with your favourite fluid rompers and sneakers to ace the airport look!

Headed by Riddhi Jain Satija, a textile design alumnus and now a visiting faculty at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, Medium is an apparel and home textile design studio based in New Delhi. They work within the disciplines of apparel and home textiles using a combination of traditional handwoven and resist dyeing techniques of Indian and Japanese origin in natural and azo-free dye. Specializing in Shibori, Riddhi works towards creating a distinctly abstract visual language to give India’s traditional crafts a new perspective. From sarees and jackets to kurtas and kaftans, the label houses it all!

Ciceroni loves: We vouch for the naturally dyed free size boro long jacket that’s handwoven in silk and is detailed with metallic accents for every fashionista who is fearless, experimental and loves colours!

Style Tip: Struggling with street style woes? Pair this jacket with distressed denim and white t-shirt for bringing alive dandy fashion.

The new contemporary ready-to-wear label – ‘Alamelu’ from The House of Angadi, weaves legacy in modern fashion. K. H. Radharaman’s modernist clothing line revives ikat, houndstooth, Uzbeki motifs, and the polka dot in fine silk. The label commemorates India’s prevalent weaving traditions into a line of modern separates that play with proportions and layers. The collection consists of light outerwear, jackets and overlays, while the trendy pieces are the moss-green ikat pantsuit and trench coats. The innovative graphic interpretation of the weave is further enhanced by an unusual colour palette of eggshell, cream, olive green, powder blue, slate grey with touches of ruby, copper and gold.

Ciceroni loves: We love the brown double-breasted blazer by the label. Creating the right balance between craft and style, the blazer is handwoven in dupion silk ikat.

Style Tip: Give the mundane boardroom suits a rest! Give the Indian textile a shoutout by donning the blazer with your favourite dress for your next office meeting.

Sanskar is a 20-year odyssey of design interpretation inspired by Dubal’s Buddhist heritage, Asian motifs, symbols and cultural studies. Hand designed block-print remnants are rearranged in vibrant silk patchwork stripes for zero waste. Recycled vintage silk saris in brocade and Ikat are mixed with velvet, silk and handloom cotton, Khadi and wool to create textural play. Dubal’s collections seek to reconcile modern influences and traditional creativity through storytelling in his embroidered jackets, wraps, coats and hand painted capes.

Ciceroni loves: The black linen dzong mirror embroidered jacket is our favourite! The reasons are countless, but 2 important ones – its black and the intricate mirror embroidery is too beautiful to let go!

Style Tip: Heading to a resort party? Be it your all-black maxi dress or the casual denim, you are sure to steal the show when you adorn this statement-making piece!

Rias Jaipur is a young clothing brand based in Jaipur. Founded by Arshia and Avishek in 2017, graduates from NIFT, RIAS JAIPUR strives to keep the handmade techniques alive in modern context. Focusing on two ancient crafts of India, Dabu/Bagru and hand block printing onto handwoven fabrics. Their collection is a heady cocktail of ancient printing and weaving techniques of Rajasthan and West Bengal. The label believes in being a bridge between the craftsmen and technology by innovating and creating striking outfits like pants, shirts and jackets by using an interesting combination of old techniques and modern design aesthetics.

Ciceroni loves: We adore the Charcoal Waves Overlay for, it’s made out of indigenous fine cotton with hand block print and creates an interesting wave of art.

Style Tip: Give the art of layering a shot this spring/summer by adorning this collared overlay with your favourite summer dresses and breezy jumpsuits as you prep your look for brunches and outings!

We love them, don’t you too? From rescuing you from embarrassments to ensuring you don’t compromise on your style, Jackets are functional, stylish and A WARDROBE MUST HAVE!

Aishwarya Menon

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