10 Thoughtful Holiday Gifting Options for 2020

10 Thoughtful Holiday Gifting Options for 2020

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Unlike all the other years, the holiday season this year may seem quiet, but then it’s the happiness in our spirits that has kept us all going! Isn’t it? Also, it would be utterly unfair to deny that this could be a perfect excuse to indulge in some family madness! Just like the Netflix holiday show “Home for Christmas.” From scrutinizing our shopping lists to prioritizing wellness and mental health, we have been thoughtful about every step the entire year. So why not be mindful while choosing presents? It could be as little as gifting your mother a membership of a fitness programme so that she remains motivated about taking care of herself or it could be buying a luxe night suit set for your besties, who have been longing to host a sleepover!

From little treasure troves like assorted chocolates for the little ones to luxury gifts like perfumes for the adults, a thoughtful gift can show the most important people in your life that you are thinking of them.

Whether you have already prepped up a long list filled with gifting ideas or are just too lazy to scout for one; moved by the resilient spirit of generosity, Ciceroni’s pandora box for the holiday season is brimming with thoughtful and unusual gifting essentials that are sure to bring a smile on their face! And…. We wouldn’t tell anyone if you kept most of them for yourself!

Are you taking notes?

Nostalgic Board Games

It’s time to give that constant screen time a rest and embrace nostalgia this holiday season!

Are you visiting your South Indian friend for Christmas? Remind your mallu friend of her childhood days by gifting her the Ashta Chemmaa game by Kreeda that was traditionally played with cowrie shells in Keralian households. Make your Christmas sleepover party exciting one, by gifting your cousin the classic game of Snakes and Ladders, but only in an eco-friendly avatar. Hand-stitched in raw silk in a 500-year-old Cheriyal hand-painted box, the Snake and Ladder game by Ancient Living will be a timeless treasure that can take anyone down the memory lane in a jiffy! If you are scouting something for a 90’s kid, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the famed “Goti” (marble) game by Kreeda.

Work-Out Together

Gift your loved ones the gift of health! May sound cliched, but we did know all year, the importance of it!

Our loved ones appreciate when we care for them don’t, they? So, why not use this gifting season as an opportunity to help them remain healthy and fit. It could be picking up the Rhythmic Gymnastics Hula Hoop from Decathlon to get your lazy sister lose those extra kilos or motivating your fitness freak friend by enrolling her in Eshna Kutty’s online fitness class or help your brother ace home workouts with Cure Fit. A push is all they need!

Plum Cakes

Sweet and sumptuous, there’s nothing as divine as a cake!

If you are hosting a Christmas party, be sure to treat your guests with the plum cakes from their place of origin. Yes! we played elves and found the best for you! Crafted with a 50-year-old family recipe from Cochin, the traditional Kerala plum cakes by The Postcard are moist and rich with raisins and nuts. You could also check out Native Special’s plum cakes that are fudgy addition to the season’s joyful festivities. Furthermore, if you are a dessert diva, you may want to check the traditional and delectable range of confectioneries from Flury’s in Kolkata.

Luxury Perfumes

Fragrances encapsulate some of the most treasured memories! Don’t you agree?

Considered to be a risky choice of gift, fragrances can be too tricky to choose. We recommend you pick this luxe gift for a close friend or a family member. Florals to musky – while there are ample options, we say you go for the Maison Margiela Replica Whispers in the Library for someone who fancies the vintage and the classic. Frédéric Malle En Passant Parfum – for the woman who has a thing for a spicy winter scent or go for the HERETIC Dirty Vanilla for the experimental one who won’t feel awkward to add another vanilla flavour with a twist to her perfume collection! While you hunt out the best for your favourite ladies, do not miss out on the men in the house! We reveal our best – Italian bergamot and Calville Blanc apples mixed Creed Aventus, woody and citrus Bleu De Chanel and the fresh and summery Tom Ford Noir Parfum.

Scented Luxury Candles

For the cosy nights and musical parties!

Given that most of us spend more time staying home during winters, luxury scented candles come as a breather from chills. Be it the festive party that you are attending or are curating mindful gifts for your dear ones, make sure you keep up the festive spirits by gifting your loved ones the handmade designer coffee bean candles by Auro Candle or the red spice and vanilla infused Holiday Candle Duo by Niana.Co or the flirtatious Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede Candle.

Artisanal Jewellery

Sophisticated chokers or quirky tassels, what are you picking for the season?

Nothing adds magic to the holiday season like a sparkling piece of jewellery. Be it your bestie, your sister or your mother – who wouldn’t love jewellery as a gift? If you are searching an interesting piece in leather, you do not want to miss out on Noupelle‘s leather jewellery collection! You certainly cannot go wrong with the quirky and playful tasselled jute jewellery pieces by Radicals by Radhika for your millennial sister! The beaded jewellery collection by Risham will be an apt pick for those who prefer experimental jewellery. You can shop them all on Ciceroni’s E-shop. We wouldn’t be surprised if you pick one of these for yourself while you scout for your loved ones! They are too beautiful to let go!

Notebooks and Stationery

While luxury may be a thing for many, there’s nothing like the long-lost love for stationery!

During childhood and school days, stationery was synonymous to gifting. Wasn’t it? This holiday season why not go back to the traditional gifts that will be cherished for years to come? With work from home becoming the new trend, it’s essential to create a creative home office space. Have a workaholic in your group? Skim through Lukka Chuppi’s range of laptop sleeves and portable document organizers that are handmade with upcycled fabric to laud sustainable living. On the other hand, if you are scouting something quirky for teenage school, there’s nothing better than the themed stationery sets by The Papier Project.


Bring on the Pashminas and Cashmeres…for, they are the perfect winter present!

The pashmina shawl has always been an elegant winter staple and blends in seamlessly with any with any winter outfit. Pick from the handwoven and embroidered cashmere shawls from Maneesha Ruia or go for the elegant pashminas in pastels and jewel tones by Andraab Kashmir. If you are scouting for something artisanal and statement- making for a millennial, be sure to go through the collection of vibrant handwoven shawls from Meghalaya by Daniel Syiem or the vibrant hued finger knit cowl scarves by Oonknits on Ciceroni E-shop.

Wine Bags

What are parties without wine! The older the better!

As the holiday season approaches, wines tend to be among the top gifting options for many. While you may find ample options for the oenophiles in your life, we recommend the upcycled leather wine bags by Studio Beej (available on Ciceroni E- shop) or skim through the collection of yarn wine bags with assorted prints by Whistling Yarns to ensure your friend preserves the wines in the most beautiful way.


Give a shout out to the creative designers and artists!

Modern art, contemporary or classic, what kind of artwork are you looking for? If you are not an art connoisseur yourself, it could be panicking to scout an artwork for an ardent art lover! Again budgets are always a constraint. We love Richa Kashelkar’s Date Night artwork! Dipped in red, the beautiful artpiece resonates with someone who is independent, stylish and dreamy. (Did you just think of your best friend?). Look beyond the traditional art galleries to shop Indian artworks! The Kulture shop is a generation of urban Indo-global artists who tell tales of Indian culture through beautifully made illustrations, murals and graphics! We love Mehek Malhotra‘s Anxietea and Anjali Mehta’s Postage Stamp – Kashmiri Hangul.

Be sure to find the right present for the special someone in your life as Ciceroni’s curated list holds something mindful for everyone in your list!

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